Mother Teresa Sculpture goes to Vatican City
First, she went with Mother Teresa's friend and legal counsel, Jim Towey, for the Beatification of Mother Teresa by Pope John Paul II

Second, she went with our friend Rich Brimer, just for fun and photos...she was left in a convent in Assisi where Rich stayed. 

Third, she went as a gift to His Holiness, Pope Francis as an early 80th Birthday present (he announced her Sainthood on his 79th!

The Sculpture of Mother Teresa gets around, she is a beloved piece, invited to events, given as gifts, and brought home by those who find her at the studio. There are other events we will post here.

St. Paul's Church in San Francisco where the  Profession of Vows Services take place in December and May.

Merna has attended some of these services. The singing by the Missionaries of Charity is beautiful flowing from the upper back loft.
Stream the Sainthood Mass Live from the Vatican at the link above.

These sisters are in the Bronx, NY, where Merna visited over Easter in 2005. The sculpture that was given to Mother Teresa is at this convent.